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Marketing comes in many forms from television to search engines. For the promoter who is on a tight budget, web marketing remains the cheapest with a large ROI.

Blogs: The invention of the Blog has had marketing experts scurrying to cash in before it all goes bust. Promoters go from blog to blog posting comments and making sure that their link contains anchor text so the search engines deem their website more valuable for that keyword. The benefits are a top ranking AND the possible traffic they will recieve from blog readers who click on the link.

Forums & Message Boards: It is good practice to add a forum to your website. It is kind of like a community. The idea is to build it up with hundreds of members. Chances are some of these members will check out your entire website and need what you are offering. A forum basically makes them remember you as a place they want to come back to. They will bookmark your website and visit often.

Newsletters: Have you ever gone to a website and saw a section that you can put in your email address and click submit to sign up for their newsletter? Well, that is one of the best ways to collect email addresses so you can send targeted advertisements to your readers. It is not SPAM because they signed up for it. The key to a newsletters success is to provide valuable content people would want to read. The advertisements should be obscure and to the side. Make your newsletter professional looking like your website and make sure nobody will want to unsubscribe from it. Send it twice a month or monthly so you don't make your readers mad from getting too many emails. That is when they start screaming SPAM!

Search Engines: When somebody is looking for something they rarely use a phone book these days. The first thing that comes to mind when searching for a phone number, address, or information is to go to a major search engine like Yahoo!, Google, or MSN. When someone does a search there, they tend to click on one of the listings on the first page so it just makes sense that you would want to be there on that page. For this you will want to seek out a professional search engine marketing expert. They will optimize your website for the major search engines and work to get you in that top 10 or 20 spot depending on the search engine. When you're deciding on a SEO you will mostly hear them all say, do a search for SEO company or Search Engine Optimization. This is a bad practice because there are thousands of qualified SEO's out there and they ALL can't be in the top 10 spot! It makes me laugh when a SEO tells someone that because they themselves are not ranked that high and they just referred a potential customer to someone else who is. When you are seeking out a SEO, ask for some proof of their work. They should be able to give you a search term that is VERY popular and show their client in that position. If it is a word nobody searches for or if it is the name of a company then the ranking is useless. For example, you wouldn't want a ranking for XYZ Company because the majority of your customers will not know who you are. You will want to be ranked for Music Store if this is what type of business you are in. This is a competitive phrase and a company that can show you something like that is definately worth your time.

If you keep your mind open to ALL of the possibilities then you can create multiple sources of income. Do not rely on just one method of advertising.


Article by Brandon Connell @ RankRover


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