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:: Google's Jagger Update ::

Many SEO companies are hurting these days, as well as the businesses that employ them. Jagger is the recent update by Google which has resulted in many web sites that were ranking high in the Serps to simply vanish to the bottomless hole of Google's index.

While this update may have resulted in better relevance of the results, it clearly came just in time for the holidays. Google's pay per click program should be much more lucrative these days because businesses need to take advantage of the Christmas shopping that is about to go on.

Jagger seems to get rid of sites that used spam methods to gain top 10 results. Such as

  • Cloaking
  • Hidden Text
  • Keyword Stuffing

and other things that the Googlebot regurgitates. It also seems to make sure that the linking structure is in top shape. A proper sitemap and linking structure can go far with Google. If you havn't taken advantage of it yet you should use Google's Sitemap feature.



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