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:: SEO doesn't take a genius

While many people think that SEO is hard it is actually pretty easy. SEO has many factors such as onsite optimization including keyword density, anchor text, keywords in filenames, <h1> and <h2> tags, etc...

At first the idea of taking on a project such as SEO might be very discouraging. It takes a bit of time to read up on the current practices and the biggest factor is to learn from trial and error. This is how many "SEO Experts" become experts.

There are many resources to get a person started such as WebProWorld or you can read articles on the subject. No matter what you do this is a very competitive field and you are bound to run into alot of bad advice as well as spam practices. With the recent jagger update you may want to avoid such things.

When starting your campaign, make sure you follow the good techniques which is mostly providing content for the website that will help the visitor. Alot of sites that rank high right now are simple sites with a ton of great content and never had the intention of getting high rankings.

It is also necessary to get other high quality websites (which must be relevant to your industry) link back using anchor text. Doing so will insure you get a high PageRank.

Article by Brandon Connell @ RankRover


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