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:: Are you link partner material?

When a webmaster starts a link building campaign certain things are considered such as the link text used and the description. Sometimes webmasters don't realize that the PR of the page linking to or from their website is a major consideration.

There is a way to build PR for your link pages even before you start a heavy link campaign. You can simply build resource pages and put a place holder on them just so the page gets a decent PR for the link partner that you may need in the future.

Some webmasters have gone as far as to create many of these pages with no more than 15 links allowed on each so they number the categories such as seo_companies, seo_companies2, seo_companies3, etc... so when a link partner is ready you can simply put them on the page with a decent PR and they will return the favor.

Some will find it diffecult to obtain high PR link partners. An example of the ones that would have this trouble is a new website that either has a greyed out PR or 0 PR at all. Even sites with a PR2 have a hard time finding good link partners.

To ensure that your resource pages get a high PR quickly make sure the pages are spider friendly. An example of a bad resource page would be:

  • One that uses a redirect to jump to the partners website.
  • One that uses the nofollow tag.
  • One that uses session ids which look like .php?sid=342j3ew&rew
  • One that has a ton of sponsored links

If you follow these rules you can have not only high PR resource pages but high quality link partners and in turn high rankings in Google!

Article by Brandon Connell @ RankRover


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