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:: Anchor Text

Anchor text is the actual text you see when you click on a text link.

For example...

<a href="">Search Engine Optimization</a> by RankRover

in the above example the phrase "Search Engine Optimization" is the anchor text. This is the text we would want another webmaster to use when linking to our website.

It is important to use anchor text in your marketing plan. When you set up a link to us page on your website you should provide different sets of code that a webmaster can copy & paste. This way you are making it easy for others to link to your site and you are getting the anchor text that you require in an inbound link.

It is also wise for the actual file that the link is pointing to be a keyword as well. Like if I were using the above anchor text then it might be a good idea to point the link to so not only do I have the anchor text but the keyword is also in the URL. Search engines give more relevance to these sorts of things.



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